Modern Slavery impacts on every industry.
It infiltrates work forces and supply chains.
It will corrupt and destroy your brand.


We are a not for profit organisation driven by the desire to abolish Modern Slavery and end the exploitation of vulnerable human beings. Slavery is the fastest growing organised crime in the world; hidden in plain sight, this illegal activity is widely practised and thrives in a world simply because is it not understood.

Our strategy

We endeavour to prevent slavery from occurring through the engagement of presentations, learning programmes and workshops. We aim to combat modern slavery in all of its guises by providing transparency in supply chain reporting and developing strategies to end slavery within businesses and supply chains.


We believe in a world without human trafficking, modern slavery and exploitation.


The time to act is now – our goal is to liberate the enslaved and disrupt the demand.

"You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know."

William Wilberforce, Prior to the Abolition Vote, 1789​.